David Miller (1757-1845)

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David Miller headstone - Haber Road, Randolph Township, Montgomery County, Ohio
David Miller Graveyard
Haber Road, Randolph Township, Montgomery County. Ohio

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Map showing the present day location of the graveyard of D3 David Miller (1758-1845)
D4 David Miller, born December 1, 1757 in an area east of Hanover, Pennsylvania, York County, and died August 18, 1845, in Montgomery County, Ohio.

David was born and reared on his father's farm located to the NW of Hagerstown and SW of Maugansville. He is buried on the Old David Miller homestead (see photograph below), located on present-day Haber Road, Randolph Township, Montgomery County, Ohio (see graveyard photo on right and a present-day map, below right). His grave is approximately 950' east of Haber Road, 0.3 miles north of Fox Road. It lies in SE¼ Section 17, Township 5, Range 5E of Randolph Township.

Bruce McCrea
July 8, 2017

It appears that at some point before the 1819 death of Abraham Overholser, the SE 1/4 S7 T9 R4 was divided into two plots (click to view document transcription), 100 acres were purchased by E5 Jacob Miller, and 60 acres were purchased by Abraham Overholser , husband of Jacob's older sister, E2 Catharine Miller. I have not yet found a record of those purchases. The land remained divided into those two plots until 11 May 1827 when Jacob and Catharine's parents, David and Magdalena Miller, purchased both plots and combined them.

I believe this reinforces my theory that Abraham Overholser and Jacob Miller traveled together to SE 1/4 S7 T9 R4 to clear land and Abraham Overholser died while they were doing that.

David Miller
4112 Homestead St.
Irvine, California 92714

It is believed that David must have been married twice. It is thought that he married his first wife in Washington County about 1778 and had two children by her. His son David Jr. was living with the family in the 1790 Census in Bedford County, Pennsylvania and was still alive in 1801 in Claremont County, Ohio when the deed mentions David Sr. on the property David purchased there.

After the death of his first wife, he married ca. 1783 Magdalena Abigail Maugans in Pennsylvania. Eight children. Magdalena Abigail Maugans was born 1770, died 24 March, 1833 in Montgomery County, Ohio. Daughter of Conrad Maugans, born 1735, died 2 February, 1822, Frederick County, Maryland and Rebecca Maugans. They lived in Wolfville, Maryland. Her grandfather was Mathias Maugans. In 1785 they moved to Morrison Cove, Woodberry Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

David and his family probably left Morrison's Cove in 1795 or 96. David and his family moved by raft down the Ohio River to join his father, Philip Jacob Miller in Campbell County, Kentucky. In 1801 he bought land in Clermont County, Ohio. By 1802 he was a charter member of the Stonelick congregation of the German Baptist Faith in Clermont County, Ohio. In 1807, they moved and settled in Randolph Township, Montgomery County, near present day Englewood, Ohio.

Excerpted from: Brethren Life
Rev. Merle C. Rummel
Stonelick Church of the Brethren

"Daniel and David Miller settled early on the Obannon, south of Goshen. The other children of Philip Jacob Miller moved across the Ohio River from Campbell County, Kentucky after their father died. They had come from the Conococheague via Bedford County Pennsylvania (Morrison's Cove or Brothers Valley). Philip had purchased 2000 acres on the Warren/Clermont Co line. Some of the Miller families remained here (Abraham Miller, the Snells, Maugans, Cramers, and Sniders), some moved on to Montgomery Co (Daniel and David, about 1802) and others moved on from there to Elkhart County Indiana (Daniel Ulrich and Daniel Cripe; Goshen Indiana was named for Goshen, Ohio). Daniel, son of Stephen, married and was a minister here before he left for the Upper Twin Church in Preble County Ohio, where he became presiding Elder.

These families were settled on the far frontier. This was Indian Country and no other white settlers were safe. The Dunkers built homesteads here years before other settlers. The friendly relationship developed by these Brethren with the Indians of the Pennsylvania frontier in Morrison's Cove, Brothers Valley and on the Juniata River carried to this settlement on Obannon Creek."

Deed Book 528
Page 317
Montgomery County Court House
Dayton, Ohio

No. 8692 to David Miller
James Madison, President of the United States of America

To all whom these presents shall come, Greetings;
Know ye, that David Miller, assigned of John Miller, having deposited in the Treasury a certificate of registration of the land office at Cincinnati, whereby it appears that full payment has been made for the South East one quarter of section 17, Township 5, Range 5, East of a meridian from the mouth of the Great Miami River, of the lands directed to be sold at Cincinnati, by the act of congress, entitled "An act providing for the sale of the lands of the United States in the Territory Northwest of the Ohio and above the mouth of the Kentucky River" and acts amendatory of the same, there is granted by the United States unto the David Miller, his heirs and assigns forever.

In testimony thereof, I have caused these letters to be made patent, and the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand at the city of Washington, the first day of September, in the year of our lord, one thousand, eight hundred and eleven, and the Independence of the United States of America the thirty-sixth.
                           By the President     James Madison
                           James Monroe, Secretary of State

Trans. not necessary. September 20, 1929
Rec'd 20 September, 1924 at 9:45 A.M.
Rec. Sept. 22, 1924

For Earl Landes, courtesy of Ruby Miller Wyen, Great-great-great granddaughter of David Miller.

David Miller Homestead Built by David Miller in 1815
David Miller Homestead
Built by David Miller ca. 1815
9476 Haber Road, Clayton, Ohio
Global Coordinates: 39º52'52.08"N by 84º20'0.93"W
Photo by Eric Davis, July 2006

David Miller was a non-associate in the Revolutionary War. He was one of several Miller family members who chose not to pay the War Taxes or participate in the War Activities, due to the non-violent principals of the Brethren Church.

Other names of non-associates who were processed by the Committee on Observance were:

Children of David Miller and First wife:

Children of David Miller and Magdalena Abigail Maugans:

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