Barbara Miller (1733-1808)

LINE: A1 Johann Michael (Mueller) Miller | B6 Johann Michael Miller, Jr.

C9 Barbara Miller, born 1733, died 1808. Married Elder John H. Garber, born 1717, died 1787. Imigrant of 1750. He lived for a while in York County, Pennsylvania and Frederick County, Maryland, where he was an assistant to Elder Jacob Danner. He was an early minister at the Beaver Dam Brethern Church. He owned a farm which he bought in 1768 from Jacob Danner called "Spring Plain.". At the start of the Revolution, he moved his family to the area of Flat Rock, Shenandoah County, virginia. Here he was one of the first Ministers in the area. He was a farmer and a shoemaker. Seven of their sons became ministers. Most of them settled in Virginia and started Brethern settlements there.

Ten children:

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