Lodowich Miller (1724/29- )

LINE: A1 Johann Michael (Mueller) Miller | B6 Johann Michael Miller, Jr.

C6 Lodowich Miller, born 1724 or '29, died 1792. Settled in Taneytown, Maryland. Married Barbara ________. Eleven children. He was one of three brothers who owned the land resurveyed to them by their father in 1752, called Ash Swamp.

We assume that the three brothers lived on the land owned by their father until 1752 when he had it resurveyed for them. In 1751 he bought 150 acres of land to the south called "Tom's Chance". This land is adjacent to "Ash Swamp" and lies just east of the Salem reformed Church. He may have lived there until 1755 when he sold this land to Peter Tysher. We believe he moved his family to Beaver Creek, to the land that he bought in 1754 from Walter Funderburg. There is some evidence that he moved his family from place to place during the perilous days of the French and Indian War. Land records state that in 1763 & 1767 he was living in York County, Pennsylvania, and it is recorded that at the time of the birth of Daniel, he was living in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. Most of the other deeds state that he was living in Frederick County, Maryland. Perhaps "Chestnut Level", located near Woodsboro and his farm at Beaver Creek in what is today Washington County, Maryland. He may have moved to Taneytown in his later years as it is recorded that he died in Taneytown, Maryland. One land records states that he was a weaver.

Eleven children - Most moved to Virginia in 1783 and are the ancestors of Brethren Millers in that State:

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