John Peter Miller (1715-1794)

LINE: A1 Johann Michael (Mueller) Miller | B6 Johann Michael Miller, Jr.

C1 John Peter Miller, born 19 January, 1715, in Germany, died 1794, Washington County, Maryland. His wife's name has not been established.

In 1745, he bought a parcel of land called "Ash Swamp", located in Prince George's County, Maryland, from John George Arnold. In 1752 this land, fell into Frederick County at its formation, was added to and resurveyed by Philip Jacob Miller, (his brother), on the authority of Lodowich Miller, (their brother). On 9 December, 1783, Lodowich Miller, conveyed this land, 220 acres, now in Washington County, to Philip Jacob Miller, for 5 shillings. Deed Liber C, folios 563-47.

On 26 December, 1783, Philip Jacob Miller, conveyed 144 acres of "Ash Swamp" to his brother, John Miller, for 5 shillings and brotherly affection. This deed was recorded before the former deed. Interestingly, this land had on it a small cemetery which is no longer in existence. Deed Liber C, folios 260-2.

On 13 December, 1794, John Miller, made his last will, naming his eleven children, the last three sons, Ludwick, David and Michael, being under the age of 21. It was probated on 26 December, 1794. The executors, were son Daniel Miller and son-in-law John Fisher. With no wife being named, it is presumed she was by then deceased. Washington County Will Liber A, folios 318-319.

On 26 April, 1795, the "Ash Swamp" land of 143 1/2 acres, was sold by the estate to John Schnebly. Deed Liber I, folios 584. On 25 September, 1795, John Schnebly, also bought the adjoining "Ash Swamp" land from Philip Jacob Miller. Deed Liber I, folio 360. Philip Jacob Miller, then moved to Campbell County, Kentucky. On 9 April, 1799, Daniel Miller and John Fisher, executors of John Miller's estate made distribution of 2010 pounds, 5 shillings and 9 pence in equal parts, to the 10 remaining children, all apparently now 21 years of age. The order of the named heirs is basically the same as in the will, Daniel Miller, John Fisher, Susanna Wissinger, Mary Studanbaker, Elizabeth Cameron, Jacob Miller, Abraham Miller, Lodwick Miller and David Miller. Michael, the last named in the will, is missing in the distribution list. Washington County Distribution Liber I, folio 80.

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